Are you wondering who we are?  I would be, so let me tell you!

mary-jane-clarkMARY JANE E CLARK, or Emmmyjay (from her initials “MJ”), is a self described travel addict.  Travelling, reading about travel, planning trips, researching places to go and things to see and do, writing about new adventures and experiences, meeting new friends, enjoying exciting cultures, eating new foods…..all of it is truly a passion!

Her interest in geography and desire to explore new countries may very well have started when she was 5 or 6, sick with chicken pox, and discovered the treasures of a revolving globe, her only companion for what seemed like weeks.  She counted countries, oceans, seas, continents and dreamed about travelling to all of them.  So far, she has visited 38 of the 50 United States (including Hawaii several times), 40 countries on 5 continents and sailed on 19 cruises on 7 different cruise lines.  She  LOVES  to travel!

Having been raised by an Irish grandmother and majored in Irish Studies, Emmmyjay’s life-long desire to visit Ireland was realized in 2009 and now she and Cathal currently spend half the year in Florida and the other half in  Ireland…….Paradise on both sides of the Atlantic!

If you’d like to read more about her travels and see some photos of favorite places and moments, visit her blog at www.EmmmyjaysExcellentAdventures.com.


3011257_origCATHAL J BUSHELL (Charles in English) has been active in many aspects of the tour business for almost 40 years.  A very experienced driver/guide, he knows every corner of Ireland, literally like the back of his hand.  Cathal has lived his entire life in Ireland, is naturally fluent in Gaelic and has an amazing grasp of the history, culture, people, politics and treasures of his country.

He has also travelled widely throughout Europe and has spent considerable time in the United States.


At an age when many people are retiring, we’re often asked this question.  The answer is very simple.  As a tour guest more times than Mary Jane can remember and as a tour driver/guide more times than Cathal can remember, we know how tours SHOULD be run!  They should not be one-size-fits-all, they should not limit your options of sights to visit and activities in which to engage, they should not start and end at the convenience of the faceless, nameless corporation situated in cyberspace or the other end of a phone line.  They should not mail you a packet of information and simply send you on your way to a new, exciting, and possibly unknown country to join an unknown group of people.

We believe in custom designing your tour WITH you and FOR you.  Whether you’ve researched Ireland and have very specific ideas of where to go and what to do or whether you’ve just always heard how beautiful the country is and it’s been on your bucket list forever, we want to make your visit to the Emerald Isle an excellent adventure!

You may be a honeymooning couple, a multi-generational family group, a group of forever friends, a church group, traditional music groupies, in search of your ancestry, golfers, fishermen/hunters, photographers, history buffs, foodies….Ireland has it all and is saying FAILTE!  (Welcome!)

We here at Emmmyjay’s Emerald Isle Adventures want to make this the trip of a lifetime, because we want you to love Ireland as we do!


Feel free to contact us at any time, either using the CONTACT US page or by phone or mail at the following:

+353-83-332-8660  (IN IRELAND)

E-mail:  info@IrishCustomTours.com